Corporate Profile

Contact Information
Precision Power and Air (Caribbean) Ltd.
142, Sixth Street,
Trinidad and Tobago.
West Indies.
Tel: 675 6152/7916/6296
       638 7597
Fax: 638 0850


Vision Statement

To be the leading total solution provider of support systems for computers and electronics.
Mission Statement

At Precision Power and Air (Caribbean) Limited, we leverage upon our resources of staff and partners to meet and exceed our clients expectations while remaining relevant and affordable.

Company Overview

Precision Power and Air (Caribbean) Limited (PP&A), was established in October 2000 with its registered office at 142, Sixth Street, Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies; and operates in the majority of the English speaking Caribbean.
PP&A operates across a wide spectrum of industries offering a range of high quality products and services representing several leading brands such as Emerson Network Power (DC power Systems & Outside Plant for the Telecommunications Industry), Liebert (Power Systems & Precision Air Conditioning Systems for Computers and Electronics), Knurr (Rack Environments for Electronics), Powercom (Complete Power Solution) and ReliOn (Hydrogen Fuel Cell DC Power for Critical Telecommunications Backup Power Systems). PP&A serves in, but not limited to the following major environments:
1.      Government
2.      Finance
3.      Telecommunications
4.      Manufacturing
5.      Education
6.      Security
7.      Retail / Hospitality
8.      Energy
9.      Distribution / Logistics
10.    Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
Our employees are dedicated, self motivated, customer driven and well trained for their tasks. PP&A understands the need for employees to be empowered with the necessary tools to deliver the desired results. Training, both local and foreign is a common practice at PP&A and for our industry as an organization our focus on relevant training is considered to be significantly higher than what the industry typically practices and considers normal.
One of our Company’s focus is knowledge, as it is our most valuable tool. The organization is only as good as its employees; we therefore employ people who display as their core values the following: 
·        Professionalism
·        Dedication and commitment
·        Clear customer focus
·        Sound moral and ethical values
·        Good work ethics and attitude
·        High propensity for knowledge transfer
·        Self motivated and an eagerness to develop personally
·        Respect and courtesy for others
·        Team focus
·        Open, frequent and truthful communication
·        Empowered and decision-oriented who enjoy their work
·        Willing to provide customers with total support, at all times