Information and Communication Technology


Computers were once found only in data centres, which offered a single power protection supply.  Today as organisations become inseparably dependent upon their (ICT) systems, there is a demand for more computing power, more data storage space and zero down time. The way power and cooling systems were once viewed must change to meet this new demand.  Computing systems now consume huge amounts of power and thus require huge amounts of cooling. Servers, network switches, routers, firewalls and other sensitive electronic equipment are now at the core of information distribution, with each product type having its own specific configuration. This investment must be protected as it has become an indispensable requirement for any organization.

Protection against threats is a 24/7/365 task.  Only 100% availability is an option for mission critical systems.  While computers and telecommunication systems have changed over the years, there are still some things which remain the same, such as clean reliable power with humidity and air volume managed cooling. Dual independent and redundant power sources are now common practice for computers.
Heat is the number one cause of failure amongst electronic components. Today computers are denser than ever as more units are packed into a single rack, such that the computing power per data centre square foot space is maximized. It is more critical today than ever before to remove the heat as quickly as possible.  
While utility power has become fairly reliable and there are less power outages, there is an increase in the occurrence of damaging current surges, harmonics, electro magnetic interferences (EMI) and other aberrations.  Protection systems must be considered for the sensitive electronic equipment.
As systems become more complex, there is a higher propensity for failure and damage.  Precision Power and Air (Caribbean) Limited, has partnered with industry leaders in technology such as Liebert and Emerson Network Power to assist you in mitigating the risks associated with your critical infrastructure.  More companies today are choosing Emerson and Liebert branded products, because of the high demand for reliability and consistency. Precision Power and Air (Caribbean) Limited has always been a service and support company offering pre and post sales support to its daily growing list of clients, and will continue to meet the highest levels of expectations from its customers.