If equipment are not protected and clean power is not provided, permanent damage of equipment is inevitable, resulting in downtime.  Downtime is very costly from the loss of manufacturing ability to the loss in market confidence.
While downtime is often viewed as a minor disruption in business and caused by external circumstances, when the total loss of time and service is added up, it is surprising to see the total cost to the inductry which has manufacturing expectation and timelines to meet.  The industry cannot manage the utility power distribution, but can take steps towards mitigating its risks by including its own power protection and supply systems.  The responsibility is upon the industry to address problems affecting its operations and it would be irresponsible to ignore these signs.
Consequently, Emerson Network Power is offering a solution to the company to completely bring down the number of power disruptions, which can in turn boost profits. This case is not an isolated example; there are instances in almost every industry, though the scale of losses may differ from industry to industry.