Today's worldwide telecommunications network is a constantly evolving cluster of interconnected systems. The one, fundamental need in the new age of communications will be for reliability: a critical mass of customers won't migrate to the latest innovations until they are proven reliable. The traditional telephone system set the standard for dependability. But with the addition of entirely new technologies -- some of which do not yet have universal standards -- today's communications networks are far more exposed to common, and uncommon, risks. Users searching for a differentiating factor among competing companies and technologies will settle on system reliability as key element of the decision-making process.

Building a truly reliable power network requires multiple areas of expertise, from various power systems, quality components and connectivity solutions, to the ability to put them all together. Not only does Emerson Network Power have a division specializing in each area of the network power and connectivity solutions, our divisions are industry leaders in their categories.

Only Emerson Network Power, with over two Decades of protecting vital electronic systems, has the breadth and scope of product line to help build reliability into your communications infrastructure:

Precision environmental control systems and large-scale power protection for central office and network switching centers.

          48 Volts DC Power Systems for a wide variety of telecom applications.

          Versatile UPS for billing systems and other equipment.

          Monitoring and control softwares that integrate network management.

          Surge Protection Systems for complete protection of network from power surges.

          Automatic Transfer Switches for transfer of loads within 10 Sec - Mains to DG Set.

 Some of the world's largest Network Infrastructure in finance, technology, government and industry are protected by Emerson Network Power solutions.