Urban Green Energy

Urban Green Energy

Although wind has been harnessed for centuries, it has only recently emerged as a modern energy solution. Over the last twenty years, technology advances have reduced the cost of wind energy by more than 80 percent, making wind the most affordable form of renewable energy.

Wind is versatile and is one of the lowest-priced renewable fuels available today. Urban Green Energy (UGE) emerged as a world leader in small wind energy based on the design of their turbines, particularly regarding energy production, noise, vibration, reliability, and aesthetics.

Wind and solar are inherently variable, which is why UGE believes in having solutions that combine various sources of energy such as solar. By working together we solve problems and make your life easier, by lowering your energy bills.

Thus, with the right type of innovation, distributed wind and/or solar can be used in countless applications by itself or alongside other energy sources, allowing homeowners, businesses, and governments to generate their own renewable energy on-site.

For more information about Urban Green Energy, please visit their website at http://www.urbangreenenergy.com.

 UGE Residential


Minimize Your Impact
Capture the energy that is freely available from the wind and sun, and reduce your impact on the environment.

Take Control
Producing your own energy allows you to choose clean, renewable energy.

Save Money
With the ever-rising price of electricity, it will be a relief to take charge and lower your utility bills.

Live Off the Grid
Our hybrid solutions allow you to live off the grid and overcome unreliable energy sources. Keep the power on.

 UGE Telecom


UGE understands that there is a substantial need in the telecoms market for an energy solution that is reliable, resilient, affordable, and easy to maintain. With the substantial worldwide growth expected from the telecoms industry in the coming years, renewable energy systems will eliminate dependence on fossil fuels or unpredictable electric grids, allowing stations to function with low operating expenses, independent of exterior variables.

Fusion by UGE Telecoms provides scalable hybrid energy solutions that meet the distributed energy needs of stand-alone mobile base stations at a fraction of the cost offered by traditional diesel generators. Fusion is able to easily match the energy needs of any telecom tower.

 UGE Commercial


Demonstrate Your Commitment
Our wind and solar solutions are a visible statement of your commitment to the environment.

Unrivaled Service
From concept through completion, we will work together to tailor a solution that is right for you. We will install your system and provide service throughout its lifetime.

Custom Solutions
Our versatile systems include our industry-leading small wind turbines as well as solar power, outdoor lighting solutions and the Sanya Skypump, our EV charging station co-developed with GE.

Financial Sense
Regardless of the project size, we will custom-design the right hybrid solution for your site that keeps your stakeholders happy.

 UGE Outdoor


Surpass Your Sustainability Goals
Our hybrid models operate entirely off-grid, combining the power that is freely available from the wind and sun.

Reach New Locations
UGE lighting solutions can be installed in remote locations which are inaccessible to the electric grid.

Lower Your Costs
Avoid the high cost of wiring grid-connected lighting. Pour the foundation, install your streetlamps, and never pay to power them.

Demonstrate Your Commitment
Our lighting solutions are a practical and visible statement of your commitment to the environment.

Sit Back & Relax
With five days of battery back-up power, you will have no concerns if the sun stops shining and the wind stops blowing.