Cooling Audit


Critical cooling systems in datacenters are facing a "perfect storm" of change: the proliferation of racks and cabinets increases heat output, while the racks themselves grow denser thanks to ever more compact and power-hungry network equipment.

Your Challenge
Yesterday, you had plenty of air conditioning capacity; today, maybe not...a single new rack can tip the difference. And due to the speed of change, planning for future cooling needs has become a lot tougher.


The Emerson Network Power solution
A Cooling Assessment for your computer room or datacenter can help you get ahead of your expanding datacenter requirements. Emerson Network Power's experts will conduct an on-site inspection to:
  • Take air and temperature readings at critical points throughout your facility.
  • Identify hot spots and provide recommendations on eliminating them.
  • Measure airflow to identify under-floor obstructions and ease of air movement through  
  • network racks.
  • Compare equipment heat output with cooling capacity and identify risks.
  • Perform a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

The assessment provides a comprehensive report, including a CFD report showing airflow characteristics and a Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) unit performance analysis. You will also get recommendations for improvement.


The Result
Knowledge you can use to eliminate hot spots, improve airflow and reduce heat in your mission-critical facility. And the peace of mind that comes with our Business Critical Continuity™ promise: your critical network infrastructure will not go down and disrupt your business.