Power Audit


Emerson Network power is the independent service provider that offers a total power quality audit before downtime affects your facility’s performance and bottom line, Thus we maximize the uptime performance of your business.
With proactive approach our power quality audit system helps you in solving power problems. It identifies & addresses the reliability concern issues very well. We use sate- of- art equipments for data collection & site monitoring process.


Power Quality Audit includes

  • Site survey.
  • Thermograph test.
  • Power quality monitoring & auditing.
  • Analyzing measurement results.
  • Solving power quality problems
Emerson finds out your power problems like
  • Voltage sags.
  • Spikes
  • Frequency variation
  • Switching transient.
  • Voltage swells.
  • Electrical line noise
  • Brownouts (TOV & TUV)
  • Blackouts